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Best Practice Tips

If you do not have a device that is eligible for LabMaestro and was purchased after 2021, but still want to use it for collecting research data without Restricted Mode, you can purchase software licenses by contacting These licenses are available for the standalone software as well as for the eligible hardware purchased before 2021.

Working offsite? Restricted Mode enables you to navigate and use the LabMaestro software while away from your VPixx Devices, maximizing your onsite productivity. While in Restricted Mode, you can design your experiments and test them before you run them for data collection, albeit with some limitations.

Integrated graphics cards may lead to suboptimal performance and are not recommended for running LabMaestro effectively.

On laptops equipped with a dedicated GPU, the GPU operating settings may change when disconnected from the power supply or when the battery switches to an 'Energy Economy' mode. For software stability, we strongly advise staying connected to a power supply.

It is important to note that when using a consumer monitor (as opposed to a VPixx research display such as the PROPixx projector) selecting a non-native video mode may cause video artifacts such as scaling and interpolating. These artifacts originate from the device itself. To minimize the likelihood and magnitude of artifacts, we suggest referring to your device’s operating manual and setting your consumer monitor to operate at its native resolution and refresh rate.

We recommend specifying dimensions in degrees of visual angle when defining stimulus dimensions. This simplifies working across multiple computer stations and sharing project files with colleagues because dimensions will be adjusted while taking into account the requested viewing distance and the physical dimensions of the current main display.

Ensure you have the latest version of our software installed to maximize device compatibility and performance.

LabMaestro provides several options for previewing experiment designs. However, it is important to note that the previews only have access to locally available information: Previews may not always be complete. For instance, you may have incorporated variable delays or method-driven values that may only come into full effect during runtime when clicking on ‘Launch Experiment'. Therefore, as part of the experiment design process, you should always examine the outputs of a deployed experiment file to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the experiment’s behaviour at runtime.

Expressionsalways ignore the case (capitalization) of variables and properties they refer to. This means that if you define a variable as "MyVariable," you can also refer to it as "myvariable" or "MYVARIABLE" without any issues. However, to avoid confusion, it is recommended that you maintain a consistent capitalization scheme for your variables and properties. This will help make your projects more readable and understandable.

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