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Flow Control Within Timelines

Experiment flow control can be manipulated within timelines in various ways.

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LabMaestro offers multiple ways to manage and control the flow of an experiment within Timelines , such as:

  • Timelines can include Conditional Branches, allowing dynamic progressions based on the result of Expressions, This can be used to implement paths or outcomes based on a participant’s response, such as creating feedback screens. Please see Expressions for more information.

  • Epochs can include EntryCondition and ExitCondition, ensures that the epochs begin and end based on specific requirements, implemented through Expressions. These conditions can be used to skip over epochs unless certain conditions are met and implement the programming equivalent of while and repetition loops, giving an easy way to repeat operations until a certain condition is met. Please see Expressions for more information.

  • Within epochs, certain Commands add more precise flow control and navigation. These include Wait for Input, which pauses progress until user input is received, Wait, which stops the operation for a specified time.

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