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Create an account and add credits

To use Pack&Go, you must first register here: LabMaestro - Pack&Go (

Once your account is created, log in to the Pack&Go Scientist Portal to get started. Experiments may be uploaded to the platform and tested for free.

To collect participant data, you will need to purchase experiment credits. One credit is equivalent to 1 USD. Experiments are billed by the second at a rate of 3 credits/hour, rounded to the nearest cent. A minimum of 75 cents (equivalent to 15 minutes) is charged for each experiment session. Credits are not consumed during test runs.

To purchase credits on the Scientist Portal, navigate to the “Transactions” tab and purchase some credits. The minimum transaction amount is 50 credits. The Transaction tab also shows your credit balance, purchase history and receipts, and debit history.

If you purchase between 1000 and 2999 credits, you will automatically receive a 5% discount. If you purchase 3000 credits or more, you will automatically receive a 10% discount. If you wish to purchase 5000 or more credits, please contact us.

If you have any account-related questions, you can contact our sales department at

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