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There are a lot of terms like “experiment” or “results” that could refer to many components in Pack&Go. For clarity, these are defined below.  

General terminology

Create: The process of initially adding a study to Pack&Go.

Experiment: The collection of scripts, functions, and other files that collectively comprise the researcher’s study.

Experiment .zip file: The .zip file containing the experiment files.

Experiment files: The uncompressed experiment files from the researcher, .m file(s), and resources.

Invitation links: See Participation links.

LabMaestro Pack&Go: The full name of the Pack&Go service.

Multi-Use links: Participation links that can be used repeatedly, until they are disabled by the researcher.

Pack: The process of uploading a study to Pack&Go.

Pack&Go: The common name for the Pack&Go service.

Participant: A person recruited by the researcher to participate in a session.

Participation links: The general term for Multi-Use, Single-Use, and Prolific links.

Platform: The programming language/tool used to create the experiment, e.g., MATLAB/Psychtoolbox.

Prolific links: Participation links participants can click on to open a study session directly from Prolific, and that redirect back to Prolific on completion.

Publish: The process of making a packed study publicly available, i.e., accessible via invitation link.

Recruitment service: Services such as Prolific and SONA, which offer participant pools for research.

Researcher: The scientist(s) using the Pack&Go to conduct their research.

Scientist Portal: The online interface for Pack&Go.

Session: A single instance of the experiment being executed on the platform.

Session results: The .zip file containing the results of a single session.

Single-Use links: Participation links that can be used once.

Study: Refers to non-test activity on the platform, e.g., “Study recruitment,” “study session”.

Study results: The .zip file containing subfolders for all session results collected in the study so far (or a subset defined by the researcher).

Test: A session conducted using the “run test” feature on the portal.

Test results: The .zip file containing the results of a test session.

Workflow: Create → Pack → Publish.

Scientist Portal terminology

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