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Pricing Information and Credit Calculator

Below is some basic pricing information, and a simple calculator to determine how many credits you will need for your experiment and their cost. The estimated cost does not include participant compensation or recruitment fees. Pack&Go does not compensate participants. Participant payment will need to be managed through your recruitment system (e.g., Prolific, SONA, email).

How to purchase credits

Credits must be purchased before they can be used. A minimum purchase of 50 credits ($50 USD) is required. Payment can be made via:

  • Secure credit card payment via the Scientist Portal, in the Transactions tab.

  • Formal purchase order from your institution (wire transfer or cheque). If you would like an official quote for Pack&Go credits please contact, with the number of credits you would like and the billing address of your institution. For this option, we can also provide the quote in CAD, EUR or GBP. After receiving the order from your institution, we will issue you a formal invoice for your records.

Credits may be “topped up” at any time and should appear in your account within an hour (online payment) or 1-2 business days (purchase order).

If you would like an official document on letterhead explaining our pricing structure for your financial administration office, please contact and we can provide one for you.

Estimated vs. real cost

Please note this calculator is intended for estimating your required Pack&Go credits only.

Credits are billed at a rate of 3 credits/hour, charged by the second. The actual cost of a session will depend on how long the participant takes to complete the session.

For example, if the study has a maximum time limit of 25 minutes (1.25 credits), but your participant completes the study in 21 minutes and 40 seconds, your account will only be charged for 21 minutes and 40 seconds of use (1.08 credits).

If you are concerned about exceeding the amount of credits in your account, consider setting a reasonable maximum time limit for your study to ensure participant sessions do not exceed your allotted funds. Once the time limit is reached, the session will automatically end and you will not be charged for additional time.


Taxes and service fees

Pack&Go does not charge service fees beyond the cost of credits.

Local taxes for Canadian citizens will be applied based on the billing address provided during purchasing.

VPixx Technologies is a Canadian company and is not authorized to charge VAT or US Sales Tax.

Credit expiry

Pack&Go credits are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged or returned. If your study is complete and you have additional credits remaining, these will continue to exist in your account until they are used. Pack&Go credits do not expire.

Refund policy

Credits are still charged even if the participant fails to fulfil their responsibilities, or if a technical issue on either our side or the participant's prevented the session completion.

Under some circumstances, such as connection error prior the beginning of the experiment, automatic refund may be applied. Compensation may be offered upon request, at our discretion. We will attempt to determine if our system is at fault and offer compensation if deem it likely.

If you would like to request a refund please contact, referencing the study ID.

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