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A comprehensive TRACKPixx3 calibration

This demo calibrates the current session for the TRACKPixx(TPx) and displays the calibration results. Once the calibration is finished, a gaze follower is started to determine the results and the TPx remains calibrated as long as you do not call Datapixx('ClearCalibration').

The Demo Steps are as follows:
1- Initialize the tracker.
2- Display the camera image to position and focus camera.
3- Calibrate pupil size.
4- Calibrate gaze and display the results.
5- Launch the Gaze following demo to verify that the calibration worked correctly.

Once this demo is completed, if you call the data recording schedule, the eye data will be calibrated.

This comprehensive calibration is ideal at the start of an experiment or whenever the user believes the fidelity of eye tracking has been seriously compromised. For a simpler version of this calibration, see A simple TRACKPixx3 calibration.

This demo is too large to be posted on a webpage. Please see pypixxlib\examples\ for the script.

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