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class datapixx.DATAPixx2

Bases: DpxDevice, DualLinkOut, VideoFeatures

Class Definition for the DATAPixx2 Device.

The bases defined below are the core subsystems attached to a DATAPixx2 devices. A DATAPixx2 device also has very specific subsystems which are used through handles. See the example bellow for more details.

If you have a Lite version of the device, some of these handles will not be available. The usage of the handles is as follows:

>>> from pypixxlib.datapixx import DATAPixx2
>>> my_device = DATAPixx2()
>>> my_device.adc.function() # adc is the subsystem in this example.
>>> my_device.BaseFunction() # A base function from one of the class' bases.

Name of the device.


Handle f or the control of Analog In signal. See Analog In.


Handle for the control of Analog Out signal. See Analog Out.


Handle for the audio controls. See Audio Out.


Handle for the microphone controls. See Audio In.


Handle for the control of Digital In signal. See Digital Inputs.


Handle for the control of Digital Out signal. See Digital Out.


A list of the available subsystems related to your physical device.

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