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Setting up a PROPixx to display in 1440 Hz

1440 Hz is very similar to 480 Hz in the set-up process. To get 1440 Hz, we use the fact that every quadrants defined above has three channels of information (RGB). Quadrant 1’s red information will define the first frame we display at 1440 Hz, Quadrant 2’s red will be the 2nd, and after red we use green information, then blue. In other words: Q1R, Q2R, Q3R, Q4R, Q1G, Q2G, Q3G, Q4G, Q1B, Q2B, Q3B, Q4B. This allows us to have 12 high speed frames every normal speed frame, giving 1440 Hz.

from pypixxlib.propixx import PROPixx
my_device = PROPixx()
# You can now send you stimulus at 120 Hz to be displayed at 1440 Hz!
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