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Using buttonSchedules to automatically pass button activity to digital output

This code demonstrates how to use digital inputs to automatically send digital outputs via the DinButtonSchedules. This is an effective method to automatically pass din activity like button presses to a recording system capable of receiving triggers, like MEG or EEG.

from psychopy import core
from pypixxlib import _libdpx as dp

isReady = dp.DPxIsReady
if not(isReady):
    print('Warning! DPxOpen call failed, check connection to hardware')

#Create our digital output waveforms. Each button press (rising edge) triggers a 
#1 msec trig on the corresponding dout pin, followed by 2 msec on low. 
#We'll use the dual /MRI as our example. DinChannels will depend on your button box type, you can use the PyPixx Digital I/O demo to verify your channel mappings.
#Note that if PixelModeGB is enabled it will control dout 8-23, dout waveforms which try to alter these will have no effect

#Din0 - Red
redWaveform = [1, 0, 0]

#Din1 - Yellow
yellowWaveform = [2, 0, 0]

#Din2 - Green
greenWaveform = [4, 0, 0]

#Din3 - Blue
blueWaveform = [8, 0, 0]

#Let's write the waveforms into the DPx memory. The address is set by 0 + 4096*channel_of_desired_digital_in_trigger
redAdd = 0+4096*0
yellowAdd = 0+4096*1
greenAdd = 0+4096*2
blueAdd = 0+4096*3

#write schedules into ram
dp.DPxWriteRam(redAdd, redWaveform)
dp.DPxWriteRam(yellowAdd, yellowWaveform)
dp.DPxWriteRam(greenAdd, greenWaveform)
dp.DPxWriteRam(blueAdd, blueWaveform)

#configure buffer-- only need to configure the first one, rest will follow the same format
dp.DPxSetDoutBuff(redAdd, len(redWaveform)*2)
dp.DPxSetDoutSched(0, 10, 'hz', len(redWaveform)+1)

#turn off debounce so button jitter is suppressed

#Enable button schedules, set mode to 1 for RPx /MRI setup
#Shut down
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