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CRT Replacement Monitors

The stand and frame of our three VIEWPixx CRT replacement monitors can be safely cleaned with commercial cleaning products or disinfectants. Do not spray product directly on the monitor; instead, spray product onto a soft cloth and wipe down the hardware. Cables can be wiped down in a similar fashion. Ports may be cleaned using compressed air.

Do not use cleaning products on the LCD panel. Commercial cleaners and sanitizing products contain harsh solvents which can damage the coating on the panel. 

To clean the LCD panel, we recommend a commercial LCD screen cleaner like this brand. Alternatively, you can use a damp microfiber cloth and a gentle soap, such as hand soap. Excess soap can be removed with a second, clean microfiber cloth. Do not apply firm pressure or rub at the panel, as this can damage the display.

In the case of high risk environments, a sheet of plexiglass or plastic film can be used to protect your display. This second surface may be cleaned and disinfected as needed. 

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