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Eye Trackers

The TRACKPixx /Mini can be wiped down with any commercial cleaner or disinfectant. Spray the cleaner into a microfiber cloth and gently wipe down the unit, taking care to avoid creating streaks on the front glass panel.

The TRACKPixx 3 metal bracket, camera body and LED lamp body can all be wiped down with commercial cleaner. Cables may also be wiped down. Avoid bending the fibre optic cables as these cables are fragile. Sockets can be cleaned out with compressed air.

The glass LED lamp cover and camera lens can be cleaned with a soft, microfiber cloth and a commercial LCD screen cleaner (like this one). You can also use warm water and a small amount of gentle soap, such as hand soap. Excess soap and water can then be removed with a second clean cloth. 

The chinrest for our eye tracking equipment should be thoroughly disinfected between uses, as this device comes in direct contact with your participant’s face. Spray liberally with disinfectant solution and wipe down with a cloth. Rubbing alcohol can also be used as a disinfectant. 

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