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Lens Shift

In this configuration, you must use the optical lens shift of the PROPixx to lower the central point of the projection. Changing the location of the projected image will prevent the observer from casting a shadow onto the front projection screen. Most of our PROPixx-compatible lenses include a lens-shift feature that will allow you to introduce a 120 % vertical and 30 % horizontal lens shift. This optical lens shift ensures that changes in the location of the projected image will not significantly deform the size of the pixels. It also prevents processing delays and keystoning artifacts that software corrections might otherwise introduce. 

Most of our PROPixx-compatible lenses are not fixed in place but instead feature an optical lens shift. With this lens shift, you can manually adjust the projected location of the image of the projected image by mechanically adjusting the position of the lens in relation to the imaging chip of the projector.

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