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Troubleshooting Pixel Sync

Pixel Sync requires something called 1-1 pixel identity passthrough. Put simply, the pixel values you draw in your software must match the pixel values read by the display.

If your pixels become altered in some way, Pixel Sync will fail to execute properly. Instead it will execute on the specified or default timeout, compromising your experiment timing.

If the timeout is long enough, the DATAPixx and your software may freeze, possibly generating a timeout error and requiring restart.

Some utilities which can alter pixel identity include:

In some cases, pixel values may be chosen strategically to avoid modification by these processes. For example, using maximum pixel values (max green, max white, etc) can sometimes be enough to avoid alteration by blending or antialiasing. Similarly, if you know the specific correction that will be applied to pixels on the display (e.g., by gamma correction), you can simply define your pixel trigger as the corrected pixel values, ensuring the pixel trigger will be detected accurately.

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