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Can I connect a RESPONSEPixx button box directly to my PC?

The RESPONSEPixx button boxes use a digital TTL triggering system and terminates in a DB-25 connector. These boxes are designed to work with the digital input port on our data acquisition systems, including the DATAPixx video I/O hubs, the VIEWPixx /3D and VIEWPixx CRT replacement monitors, and the PROPixx Controller. When paired with these systems, the RESPONSEPixx provides microsecond-precise measurements of button press/release times.

It is possible to connect a RESPONSEPixx to the parallel port on your PC with a cable manufactured by VPixx. You can then use the button boxes in conjunction with experiment software that samples parallel port input. 

The disadvantage to this strategy is that you are then constrained by the sampling rate of the port and your experiment software. Just as there is a limit to how quickly your PC can check for keyboard presses and mouse clicks, there is a maximum sampling rate with which you can read input from the parallel port. 

The precise sampling rate will depend on your particular experiment program and what is happening in your checking loop. It will absolutely be slower than the sampling rate of a digital input log running on separate, dedicated hardware. Depending on your experiment this may not be an issue, but it is certainly something to keep in mind when designing timing-sensitive research paradigms.

Can I get custom button colours, or a custom layout?

We can create custom button layouts according to your specifications. Please contact with your desired layout (including spacing and number of buttons) or colour requests.  

Do you have a joystick or gamepad option available?

We do not. However, our data acquisition systems are capable of receiving analog signals from third party devices, such as joysticks.

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