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Full Software Access Permission (Licensing)

Full Software Access Permission (Licensing) is granted through either a physical VPixx hardware or a standalone license. Without a license, the software will operate in Restricted Mode.

To activate your software, you must:

  1. Connect a VPixx Technology Hardware purchased in 2021 or later via USB to your stimulus PC.

Eligible Hardware

Video I/O Hubs (standalone or integrated)

Device Name



Dual-synchronized VGA output


Dual-synchronized DualLink-DVI


Dual-synchronized DisplayPort 1.4

VIEWPixx/3D or VIEWPixx 12 bits

Integrated synchronization system for VIEWPixx CRT Replacement devices

PROPixx controller

Dual-synchronized DualLink-DVI for PROPixx projector

  1. Access to LabMaestro will be granted automatically via USB verification for most eligible devices.

    If you have eligible hardware but automating Full Software Access Permission (Licensing) failed, please contact to receive your access permissions.

If you do not have a device that is eligible for LabMaestro and was purchased after 2021, but still want to use it for collecting research data without Restricted Mode, you can purchase software licenses by contacting These licenses are available for the standalone software as well as for the eligible hardware purchased before 2021.

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