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Region Colors

All of the region dialogs have a color-space pallowing you to specify the single color or the range of colors which will fill the region during presentation.

If you want the region to contain a solid field of a single color, you can specify black, white, gray, red, green, blue, or yellow.

 You also have the option of specifying the region color in general RGB (red/green/blue) coordinates. If you set the color space popup to Color: RGB, then you can enter the red, green, and blue coordinates in the three parameter fields under the popup. Each of the coordinates should be in the range of 0-1 which corresponds to the full scale range of the output video display.

Sometimes you will require regions consisting of a single solid color, but more often you will want to fill a region with a static or dynamic pattern which spans a range of colors. For example, you might want to fill the region with a grating having a sinusoidal luminance profile.

LabMaestro provides you with a great deal of flexibility in specifying this range of colors. Simply enter the coordinates of the two endpoints of the desired range. You have the option of specifying the endpoints in RGB. First select from the color space the space in which you would like to define the endpoints of the region's range of colors, then enter the endpoint coordinates in the Peak and Trough fields.

There is one final color space called "Full Color". This space should be selected for the cases when the region will contain a pattern which will be shown in the full 3D RGB space.

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