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Calibrating the TRACKPixx3 and TRACKPixx /Mini in MATLAB

This demo requires TRACKPixx Revision 16 or later. You can check for recent firmware updates at

This demo calibrates the current eye tracking session and displays the calibration results with the gaze follower described in Creating a dynamic gaze follower with the TRACKPixx3. This calibration script works with all VPixx eye tracking solutions, and takes arguments to specify which product is being used (TRACKPixx3 or TRACKPixx Mini), and whether tracking is remote (head-free, available for TRACKPixx Mini only) or uses a chinrest (head-fixed).

For quick calibration in MATLAB, you can call the shell scripts included in that implement TPxCalibrationTesting with the correct arguments. The script for each product is listed in the chart below:


Calibration command



TRACKPixx Mini


TRACKPixx Mini with chinrest


The steps to calibrating the TRACKPixx are as follows:

1- Initialize the USB I/O Hub (TRACKPixx Mini only) 2- Initialize the tracker 3- Display the eye picture for camera positioning and lens adjustment (TRACKPixx3 only) 4- Display the calibration targets one after the other, gather eye data, finalize the calibration and display the calibration results 5- Launch the gaze following demo to verify that the calibration worked correctly

Once this demo is completed, if you call the data recording schedule, the eye data will be calibrated. The TRACKPixx3 will remain calibrated as long as you do not call Datapixx('ClearCalibration'). For the TRACKPixx Mini, a remote calibration will remain active as long as the tracker is not disconnected; a chinrest calibration will persist in MATLAB as long as you do not call clear all; close all;.

The full TPxCalibrationTesting.m file is not included here because it is too large. Please find it your local VPixx Software Tools installation, in VPixx Technologies\Software Tools\Matlab\DatapixxToolbox\DatapixxDemos.

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