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Publishing the experiment and downloading results

  1. Once you are satisfied with your experiment, you may publish it by going to Actions and clicking the Publish button:


    The Actions section for a Packed study

  1. You will be asked to confirm some details before the study can be published. Check the boxes to accept and click Publish:


    Publishing Experiment page

  1. After the experiment is published, you will now be able to create invitation links to invite subjects to run in the experiment. You can do this by clicking Invite under the Actions heading:


    Actions section for a Published study

  2. You may create different types of invitation links:

    1. Single-use links may only be used once. Several single link invites can be created at once by specifying the number of links to create and clicking Create.

    2. Multi-use links may be used indefinitely.

    3. Prolific links are used for subjects who are recruited through Prolific (see Integration of Prolific with LabMaestro Pack&Go )

  3. Once links are created,you will see them under either the Single-Use Links or Multi-Use Links headings, where the invite link URL can be copied.


    Example of generated Multi-Use and Single-Use links

    The Token ID for each link is also shown. Each link is associated with a unique Token ID, which you can use to differentiate subjects assigned different single-use links. Multi-use links are associated with single Token ID. Links may be disabled/revoked at any time by clicking the Revoke icon under Actions.

  4. Participants that receive an invite link will simply paste the URL in their browser, go to the link, and the experiment will launch.

  5. Once at least one participant has successfully completed an experiment, you can find the experiment results under the results heading in the Manage Experiment page.


    The Results section of a published study

    There you will also a summary of the number of participants who successfully complete, abandoned or currently completing the experiment. Results can be downloaded by clicking Download All Results. To interpret the contents of the Results folder, see the following guide: The Contents of the Results Folder . You may also wish to download a subsection of results according to some criteria; to filter and select a subset of results for download, select the Browse Results option.

  6. The downloaded results folder ( will contain individual subfolders for each subject, marked by date, time of experiment run and token; within each subfolder, you will find the same types of files as in the test run (experiment log file and the 3 JSON files, as well as any other files created in the MATLAB script).


    Example contents of a folder containing data from multiple sessions

  1. If you wish to close your experiment, you can click the Close Experiment button under actions and it will no longer be accessible to participants. You will still be able to access data, but will not be able to generate new invitation links. All existing unused invitation links will be revoked.

  2. To delete an experiment from our platform, first close the experiment, then select Delete from the Information section. Make sure you download all experiment results files before deleting a study; they will not be available afterward.


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