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Pixel Mode

The pixel mode in the simulator has some exclusive settings. You can find the settings UI and information in the File → Settings widget.

Remember that Pixel mode allows you to drive the digital output by using the color of the top-left pixel. Each color has 8 bits of red, green and blue information and those 24 bits get translated to the 24 digital outputs.

Since the simulator does not receive any video information as would a real VPixx device, we must use one of the computer’s display source to go get pixel values information. You should always pick the display that will present your stimuli/pixel mode pixel otherwise you will not be getting the digital output triggers as expected. To help make sure you have the correct display, we show the color as well as the RGB color information of the current top-left pixel of the selected display.

The pixel mode can be activated as a normal device, or from the device menu (Device → Digital Output)

Once the mode is enabled or disabled from anywhere, the digital output in IO Configuration will be updated to match pixel mode. This updates the color and the name of all the signals. Once it is disabled, it goes back to your previous settings.

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