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The Logic of VPixx Hardware Control

Registers, markers and schedules are core mechanics of VPixx Technologies’ microsecond-precision synchronization systems. Along with a hardware clock, they allow us to record and align the timing of stimulus presentation, outgoing triggers and incoming signals.

While you can program your experiment without fully understanding these concepts, we find that knowing how they work helps you write more efficient code and take full advantage of the synchronization abilities of your devices.

In this series we will cover the logic of our hardware architecture and these three core mechanics. We will address how and when they are used by your VPixx device, and how to use them in your code. We end with an example of a simple reaction time task, with code provided in both MATLAB and Python.

This series applies to any VPixx hardware with support for MATLAB and Python APIs (APIs available for download here). This includes the DATAPixx video I/O hub, the PROPixx controller, the VIEWPixx and VIEWPixx /3D, and the TRACKPixx eye trackers. Notably, this guide does not apply to the VIEWPixx /EEG.


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