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Pattern Flicker Waveform

While all Regions have a Region Flicker Waveform parameter group which allows you to accurately control the flicker waveform of the combined patterns within the region, sometimes you may require that just a single pattern within a region flicker, while the rest of the patterns within the region remain fixed.

To implement this kind of per-pattern flicker control, you can use the Flicker Waveform parameter groups which are present in most Patterns .

To enable pattern flicker, click the check-box just left of the Flicker Waveform group box title. The push-buttons to the right of the group box title allow you to specify sinusoidal, square-wave, triangle-wave, or ramp flicker waveforms. The Amplitude, DC Offset, Phase and Symmetry parameters give you complete control over the flicker waveform, and the Temp. Freq. parameter allows you to specify the frequency of the flicker in Hertz.

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