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Patterns are the visual contents that fill Regions

Some of the regions which are displayed to a test subject will be filled with solid fixed colors, but often a researcher will want to fill a region with one or more complex stimulus patterns such as gratings, checkerboards, or drifting dots. Any number of patterns can be combined within a single region. Each new pattern combines either additively or multiplicatively with the previous pattern.

Patterns are always tied to a single region, so a region must be created and selected before a pattern can be assigned to it. The grating is one of the most commonly used patterns in basic vision science.

Pattern combinations within a region is supported throughCombine Modes: for example, adding one grating to another grating would create a plaid. Multiplying a grating by a Gaussian would create a Gabor patch. If you require a pattern which is not directly supported within LabMaestro, either as a single pattern or as some combination of patterns, you also have the option of importing an image created by third-party software.

You can see examples of common stimuli in this template project: Static Psychophysics Stimuli

Below is a list of all the regions supported by the software:

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