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Static Psychophysics Stimuli

This template project contains examples of static psychophysics visual stimuli created using patterns added to rectangle regions.

Once you have downloaded the template project, simply click on "Launch Experiment" to see each static stimuli for 5 seconds, or press any key to advance.

Warning: In LabMaestro Public Beta 1 when first opening a *.lm file, the preview may not be immediately refreshed. This may occur when property fields contain Expressions, or references to custom variables defined within the property panel of Timelines. To refresh the preview, without executing the entire experiment, click on Play Timeline. Note that variables defined by Methods may have a preview option available from their own method tab.

Download template project here: StaticPatterns_V1.lm

Each stimulus is presented in individual Epochs. If you wish to use any of them as in your own project, you can launch two instances of LabMaestro from the File Explorer and copy-paste an epoch from the template's project panel to your own project.

Checkerboard: Shows a Checkerboard Pattern whose square size scales is adjusted withExpressions such that there are always 10 squares per row.

Fixation Crosses: Demonstrates three different ways to draw fixation crosses. The first is a cross made by writing a ‘+' sign in a Text Region. It is quick and easy, and its appearance is modified using standard font manipulation (font family, size…) options. The second fixation cross is a cross made by superimposing shapes using the Rectangle Region. Its appearance is highly customizable, but number of required regions scales with complexity of the shape. The third fixation cross is made by applying a Picture Pattern to a small rectangle region. The fixation cross picture was created in and exported as a png.

Horizontal Sinewave: A low frequency horizontal grating with sinusoidal waveform, made with a Grating Pattern.

Gabor Patch: A common stimulus used in visual psychophysics made by multiplying a Grating Pattern with a Gaussian Pattern through the multiply Combine Modes.

Gaussian Noise: Often used to implement visual masking, implemented with a Noise Pattern.

Contrast Modulated Sine Wave on Noise Texture Carrier: A stimulus characterized by changes in contrast over space rather than change in luminance. made by multiplying a Grating Pattern with a Noise Pattern through the multiply Combine Modes.

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