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Troubleshooting Tips

To help you navigate and resolve issues you might encounter with LabMaestro, we have collected the various troubleshooting tips listed within our documents on a single page.

This page is updated regularly, so we recommend periodically checking for the latest information on addressed and newly identified issues.

Should you encounter an issue not covered on this page or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tips Mentioned in LabMaestro Software Documentation

Full Software Access Permission (Licensing) is granted through either a physical VPixx hardware or a standalone license. Without a license, the software will operate in Restricted Mode.

If you have eligible hardware but automating Full Software Access Permission (Licensing) failed, please contact to receive your access permissions.

Thank you for your interest in LabMaestro Public Beta! The page you are trying to access is under development. We are working on comprehensive documentation to help you make the most of our software. If you require any help, please feel free to contact us via email at

Error message ‘Device reboot required’ next to the device name.
This error indicates that the device has encountered an issue that requires a restart to be resolved. Resolution: Restart the device according to the instructions in your device’s user manual, for example, by pressing off/on the power button of a DATAPixx3. Note: Do not unplug the device. If the error message disappears and the device operates normally after reboot, the issue is likely resolved.

If you have a device that is not listed in Supported VPixx Devices but you believe should be compatible, please contact our support team. We are constantly updating our software to support new devices.

CaptureScreen produces artifacts when LabMaestro Public Beta 1 is in Restricted Mode

LabMaestro will outline a field in red if it cannot interpret an expression, such as a customized property value. If you encounter such an error, hover your mouse over the expression to see an error code. You can visit Common Expression Errors for more explanations regarding common error codes.

While the value boxes in the variables panel are not read-only, changes to those values will be overwritten when running the experiment.

Variable names in the variables panel, properties in the property panel, and in other areas, may by displayed with spaces after capitalization to make them easier to read. However, when using these names in expressions, the spaces should be disregarded, and the words should be merged together. In general, it's important to avoid adding spaces in variable names for expressions, since LabMaestro will interpret them as separate variables.

Warning: In LabMaestro Public Beta 1 when first opening a *.lm file, the preview may not be immediately refreshed. This may occur when property fields contain Expressions, or references to custom variables defined within the property panel of Timelines. To refresh the preview, without executing the entire experiment, click on Play Timeline. Note that variables defined by Methods may have a preview option available from their own method tab.

Contact if the exported files are not compliant with BIDS Brain Imaging Standard 1.8.0. LabMaestro Public Beta is under development and may contain errors or omissions as we refine the data exporter.

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