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Software Revision Log

This page provides a summary of software revision updates for all of our releases. This content was formerly found on what's new.

Current version number: 1.7.0

Download software here.

Release 1.7.0 (April 23rd 2024)


Features and Enhancements:
  • New Demo and Test Patterns: Explore a range of new demos and test patterns, including Drifting Dots, White Screen, Scanning Backlight, RGB Bars, and more!

  • TRACKPixx Analog Output Selector: Select the output of the DATAPixx3’s analog connection with this new UI.

  • Custom Pixel Pitch (DPI): You can now specify a custom value for projectors or displays that report the wrong value.

  • Firmware Update Tools: Update your VPixx device firmware directly in LabMaestro with a few clicks!

  • Digital I/O Tester: Test digital output (triggers) or input (RESPONSEPixx button box) via a new user interface that provides a direct real-time mapping of the digital inputs and outputs. 

  • Improved VPixx Device Management: Customize names for detected VPixx devices, providing clearer identification and easier management.

  • PROPixx Hotspot Correction: Calibrate your PROPixx such that luminance changes caused by the screen are corrected and the display is uniform.

  • Dithering Test: Test if your graphics card is modifying video values with a built-in test.

  • Extended Variable in Expressions: You can now access the trial number and session data directly in your custom expression.

  • Diagnostic and Demo Access: Conveniently access diagnostic and demo features directly from VPixx Device Panels, streamlining your workflow.

  • Additional UI Improvements: From updated icons and layouts to better tooltips, we've refined the user interface for a more intuitive experience.

  • Improved Performance During Data Saving: Exporting data is substantially faster than in previous software versions.

  • Enhanced Calibration Process: TRACKPixx calibration offset now represents the average of all the data gathered. A dynamic countdown is now also available directly in the options.

  • License Management: Introduced support for USB dongles, providing more flexible licensing options for users.

Performance Improvements:
  • Memory Usage Optimization: Addressed memory access issues and optimized resource usage, resulting in improved stability and performance.

Bug Fixes:
  • Crash Fixes: Addressed multiple crash scenarios, including crashes related to simulator usage and component initialization.

  • Expression Function Corrections: Corrected expression functions related to angles to ensure accurate calculations. The angles default to degrees instead of radians now.

  • UI Fixes: Resolved UI glitches and layout inconsistencies across various components and dialogues.

Happy experimenting!

Release 1.6.1 (January 11th 2024)


  • Stability update; significant work to allow recoverable workspace if a crash should happen.

  • Fixed issues with graphs scaling depending on size.

  • Issue fixed with drag and dropping regions unto the timeline.

  • Improved memory management to run on computers with low amounts of memory.

  • Expressions dealing with angles now default to use degrees rather than radians.

  • The maximum amount of anonymous sessions is now in preferences (defaults to 1).


PyPixx is now frozen in time and deprecated. We will be implementing all the features found in PyPixx inside of LabMaestro. PyPixx is still part of the installation for now but will not be updated.


Our software tools currently run on Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04. Efforts are being made for the next version to support Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04.

Release 1.6.0 (November 1st 2023)

New Software

VPixx's LabMaestro is now in Beta! This new software allows you to design experiments, control your hardware, calibrate your TRACKPixx3, and simulate your devices! Find the online documentation here.

New online documentation

All of VPixx online documentation is now hosted online! It can be found here.

pypixxlib installation change

  • You will need to uninstall pypixxlib before installing the new version. (pip3 uninstall pypixxlib)

New Software Features

  • The new version of the software tools (1.6) instead of (3.12) is due to a restructuring of our versioning

  • VPixx Device Server has been updated to report its version to all software connected. Please note that you will need the newest software to be compatible with the new server.

  • New software licensing system.

  • TRACKPixx3 can now be simulated in the LabMaestro Simulator.

  • The MATLAB mex files path in the installation has been updated to be simplified.

  • PyPixx will soon be deprecated. We encourage you to transition to LabMaestro to control and test your VPixx hardware.

Download this update on the Quick Start Guide.

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